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Fabulous 5 Cuddle® KitJurassic

Fabulous 5 Cuddle® KitJurassic

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Sale Sold out're going to be hearing a "Roar!" or two once the little one in your life gets their hands on this dinosaur-themed quilt! This prehistoric-themed Cuddle® kit includes our Lost World 2 Digital Cuddle® Sand print that is covered in dinosaur illustrations of all shapes and sizes - each fitting like puzzle pieces between nearby dinosaurs facing different directions. The kit also features Luxe Cuddle® Galaxy CamoHide SafariHide Navy (binding) and Luxe Cuddle® Hide Navy, and when finished, you have a quilt that looks like it's straight out of the Jurassic period! This Fabulous 5 Cuddle® kit is approximately 38" by 58" and includes a pattern, five pre-cut 10" strips and binding, and we recommend using Solid Cuddle® 3 SandSolid Cuddle® 3 Navy or Solid Cuddle® 3 Hunter for the backing (approximately 1 1/8 yards needed).

Our Luxe Cuddle® Hide Navy Cuddle® Cuts are also a perfect option as a backing for this beautiful Cuddle ® Kit.

Click here to watch our video tutorial for this Cuddle® kit!


  • Fabric ID #:ckfab5jurassic
  • Content:100% Polyester
  • Size:38" x 58"
  • Country of Origin:Imported Fabric. Assembled in the United States

  • Care:Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors; No Fabric Softener; Tumble Dry No Heat: No Dryer Sheet
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